In this little guide, you’ll find a unique bucket list and 99 fascinating stories about Lithuania – places to visit, what’s on, events and guided Vilnius tours created by Adriannaerys


Inspirational quotes, life stories and psychological facts that will take you towards transformations


Moja biblioteka oraz świat autora ,,Ludzi bezdomnych''.  Życie jest trudną lekcją, której nie można się nauczyć. Trzeba ją przeżyć. Stefan Żeromski

Have you got Lithuania on your Bucket List?

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. Start your journey towards understanding yourself today
The happiness of you life depends upon the quality of your thoughts

The Purpose of Everything

I want to be an artist. ♣

I want to be a pianist. ♠

I want to be a writer. ◊

I want to be a creator. ♦

And lastly, I wanna be a fulfilled homo sapiens with creative mind making real the LITHUANIA BUCKET LIST♥

That's why I started writing and protecting the dream.



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