Writing a Story Under The Bridge



 Someone writes stories, someone writes poems, and the others – scenarios of their own lives.



Year 2016. Summer. A few days before exams, and we are walking under the bridge and looking for inspiration. Actually, we had the inspiration to make big life decisions and dive into something called,,THE UKNOWN”.
For 6 year I’ve been living in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. During these years I had the best time of my life that I will always remember and protect in my mind from unexpected destruction.

This day was special. I and my best friend were on the road towards changes we were waiting long years. And now, the time has come. We were finally free to take responsibility for our decisions and get independence.

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days

Good old days. They are left in the past, waiting to Ressurection to win the war with the Dark Side. However, sometimes you lose, sometimes win. You never know when the time and environment will win the 1st prize.
But you can try to win.
Per aspera ad astra 

PS. Meanwhile I’m working on a new project related to Latin Language. Hope You will like it.

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