Discover the Beauty of Užupis

            Discover the beauty of Užupis – one of the hippest places in Europe and eel its artistic spirit on the other side of a river. You will ask how it is possible – Republic in the Republic of Lithuania? For this unique Republic of Užupis or as it is called ,, Lithuanian Montmartre’’ everything is possible. Just read the first article of its own Constitution.   Do you want to know more about this fascinating place? What to do there? What places to visit? You can learn more and find out what so special is about the Republic of Užupis! Feel free to check it out now: Click Here For More Discover all about the Unique Republic of Užupis  

Vilnius TV Tower – the view you’ll never forget

    If you come to Vilnius for one or two days and you don’t have much time to visit all the destinations on your list, don’t worry – Vilnius TV Tower is the best place to see an amazing capital of Lithuania from above, from the bird’s view.

Writing a Story Under The Bridge

     Someone writes stories, someone writes poems, and the others – scenarios of their own lives.   SUMMER 2016 Year 2016. Summer. A few days before exams, and we are walking under the bridge and looking for inspiration. Actually, we had the inspiration to make big life decisions and dive into something called,,THE UKNOWN”.