Vilnius TV Tower – the view you’ll never forget



If you come to Vilnius for one or two days and you don’t have much time to visit all the destinations on your list, don’t worry – Vilnius TV Tower is the best place to see an amazing capital of Lithuania from above, from the bird’s view.


Are you for the first time in Lithuania? And you have just started your marvelous trip at Vilnius? Then Vilnius TV Tower (Vilniaus Televizijos Bokštas) must be on your list. Not the first one, of course, leave for the dessert.

When you visit Lithuania it is good to make a research in advance. Look for information about the country, read about history and unique symbols. It won’t be interesting just to sit near the clouds and don’t know what is visible far away (the Cathedral, Gediminas Tower) or the fact that one day in this place near the TV Tower  14 civil people tragically died.

Also, I will recommend you to do one simple task.

Guess what?

Google it! Write in google Vilnius and…what do you see?

Exactly. And this where the magic begins – sitting in one place that turns around you can see both Lithuanian nature, architecture and Vilnius life in motion just looking down from the TV Tower.

Top Tips To Do Before:   

  1. Research about Lithuania
  2. Check the weather forecast – make sure it’s not cloudy or foggy on the day of your visit at the TV towerArrive at the time you planned. 
  3. Decide what do you want to see – sunrise or sunset, Vilnius at day on late in the evening.  

One of the highest buildings in Eastern Europe


Tokio Skytree – 634 m, Canton Tower in China – 595.7 m, CN Tower in Canada –  553.3 m – here are the top 3 tallest towers in the world. Japan, China, Canada – big and well – developed countries on the globe, and among them on the 27th place is…Vilnius Television Tower with 327 m (1,073 ft) height in little Lithuania. Impressive, right?

However, when you reach the 19th floor you will be affected by its beauty. But before that, let me introduce you one of the highest towers in Eastern Europe.

When I was a child I didn’t sense the beauty and fascinating opportunities this tower offers you.  Every day I was going to school and being observed by the tallest tower in Lithuania. In fact, if you are in the heart of Vilnius or traveling near the minidistrict Karoliniškės you will be followed by this masterpiece.

This modern structure at a Soviet time was built by the V.Obydova’s project. The works continued for 6 years and in 1980 327 m height construction was built. The weight of the Tower is 30.000 metric tones, base – 11.500. 


Paukščių Takas or Milky Way


If you are standing near the Tower on the ground, you might wonder – how do I get so high? And where? 45 seconds and you will be brought on the elevator to the cafe,, Milky Way” (Paukščių Takas) Don’t like the elevators? Then 917 steps are waiting for you!

Before ascending to the 19th floor, where is rotating observation deck and the stunning panorama of the city, you have to buy tickets. There is only one entrance to TV Tower, so follow signs and therefore you won’t be walking twice around the building. (as we did)

Moreover, TV Tower is located in Karoliniškės, microdistrict surrounded by forest. If you like nature and walking in the parks – there is  a Pasakų Parkas.

After you buy tickets next to the souvenir shop – adults 6,00 Eur, schoolchild, disabled 2,60 Eur – you are ready to go. There are 2 elevators – one for tourists and one for the staff. Press 19 and voila! You are entering the Milky Way!




Exclusive restaurant, amazing panorama and incredible views of places you can’t miss in Lithuania. A few steps ahead towards the window and you can see a 50 km radius of Vilnius. Actually, if you want to try to look for places in Vilnius you have been to (for ex. Old Town, Gediminas Tower, the Cathedral) or you just want to be familiar with the panoramic view you can find more detailed information here. There is a list of all destinations and surroundings you might see.  On clear days, visibility can extend as far as Elektrėnai, a city approximately 40 km (25 mi) west, where power plants produced much of the electricity for Vilnius in Soviet times.

If it is a clear day, look for a sign of Elektrenai (name from the electric plant). You will see 40 km west, where was power for electricity produced and is today.

The first time I came here, I wasn’t amazed.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see any architecture grace, panoramic view,  nature beauty…only vastness of clouds. I highly recommend you to visit TV Tower in spring or summer, when you can enjoy delicious food like  WHIPPED CREAM PARFAIT WITH CHOCOLATE CAKE, FRUITS AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE or BELGIAN WAFFLE from the Milky Way and watch the incredible scene.  Just chill for a while.


Tragic January the 13th 1991


Everyone wants to be free. Independent. Fully aware of the future. However, not everybody gets the chance to live this life in the independent country.

On the 13th of January 1991 during 14 unarmed Lithuanian young people were killed during the affair, when Soviet tanks surrounded the TV Tower to take it over.  700 were injured. Three defenders died under the tanks. Others died of wounds. Today monuments and the crosses are the symbols to commemorate Lithuanian freedom fighters.

When you enter the TV Tower near the steps on your left you can notice a monument Aukojimas (The Sacrifice)  – a woman with raised hands to the sky. It is 8-meter high bronze sculpture by sculptor Darius Bražiūnas and architect Artūras Asauskas. Also, there is an exhibition of photography on the ground floor dedicated to January the 13th.


Christmas TV Tower

Every year TV Tower is being decorated to Christmas Tree. In the evening, when it is dark it looks amazing. Almost from every location in Vilnius, you can notice the Christmas TV Tower. In 2006 during World Basketball Championship the tower was decorated with a basketball net. During the 2011 FIBA Basketball Championship TV tower became the biggest basketball hoop in the world. Lithuania has a very strong connection to this sport –  basketball. That’s not a stereotype, Lithuania really has the best basketball team, school and after the  Catholicism, it is the second religion.

When you finish your relaxation time try to remember where you put your ticket because you will need it at the exit.


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